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Safety First for Shine Fights Promotion

Written on September 12, 2010 by Zac Efren

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“We want to keep it a sport, we want make sure the fighter's safety is paramount." ---Jason Chambers, COO of Shine Fights

is confident they they will be able to deliver a clean and safe fight this weekend in Oklahoma despite the absence of the of a representative from the state athletic commission. This assurance goes for both the fighters and the fans.

Shine Fights’ COO said, “We’re following the guidelines set forth by any athletic commission. We’re doing the 1lb allowance for weigh-ins, 2 paramedics as opposed to just 1 paramedic, so two ambulances just in case one takes someone somewhere, we have another on stand-by.”

The promoters must put extra attention to the fighters’ safety since the show is an 8-main, one night tournament. which means fighters will compete three times in a single event.

Chamber shares how will his promotion accomplish the task. “We’re actually going to have a doctor come in to check and examine the fighters between each of the rounds to make sure they’ll be able to continue from quarters to semis, semis to final round so the fighter’s safety is paramount.”

He added, “It doesn’t behoove us to let a fighter get injured. There are no elbows on the ground in the first two rounds. We want to keep it a sport, we want make sure the fighter’s safety is paramount.”

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