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TapouT, Silver Star and Hitman Now Under Salter

Written on September 07, 2010 by Zac Efren

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The brands TapouT, Silver Star Casting Co., and Hitman Fight Gear now under one family.

Last Monday, Bloomberg said that the three mixed martial arts clothing brands had been purchased by business tycoon . This is the same man who manages Linens ’n Things Inc., Polaroid Corp., and others.

These three brands purchased by Salter are said to be grouped under a single company named Authentic Brands Group LLC.

Salter shows his enthusiasm in his statement. “These are some of the most exciting brands I’ve seen in years. The popularity of mixed martial arts and the UFC is soaring around the world. The last time I saw a sport with this much potential was 20 years ago with snowboarding.”

is the most-sought after brand among the three with a recorded sale of more than $200 million in 2009.

, TapouT president, said the brand went to the hands of Salter because he was the only one who welcomes his and Tim “SkySkrape” Katz support for the brand.

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