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Mike Pyle: A British Take-down for UFC 120

Written on September 07, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Mike Pyle is promising a beat on UFC 120.

British welterweight, John Hathaway, 23, made a smash to his division. But isn’t impressed at all. Pyle (20-7-1 , 2-2 ) who’s meeting Hathaway (14-0 , 4-0 UFC) at in replacement to said that Hathaway is not on his feet this time.

“I will beat the [expletive] out of John Hathaway,” Pyle said.
Hathaway remains undefeated in the octagon and took his last victory against last UFC 114. But it wasn’t a good move for Pyle.

“Let’s face it; the fight that he had with Diego wasn’t an awesome, back-and-forth fight,” the 34-year-old Pyle said. “Diego’s a small, somewhat average (sized) [155-pound fighter]. I’m a big welterweight, (and) I’m a long welterweight,” he said. “[Hathaway has] fought a lot of shorter opponents. He’s had a reach advantage, and he’s been able to use that really well. He stayed away from actually having to get in a fight with [Diego]. That’s all going to change. He will be tested – 100 percent guaranteed.”

If Pyle is taking it a bit hot, it’s still for the good. He’s been in the game for a decade now and faced the huge MMA stars now. Some were won and others defeated. But the respect as a fighter is still there. Pyle’s most recent performance showed a submission to Jesse Lennox via triangle choke at UFC 115.

Pyle says he’s moving to be better fighter on Oct. 16, when they meet at The 02 in London, and he’s going to show fans what they’ve been missing.

If Hathaway wants a chance, well no problem.

“I don’t really care. It’s not an, ‘Oh my god, if I don’t get this kid down, there’s nothing I can do (situation),'” Pyle said. “I could knock the kid out. I almost knocked out the last dude. This kid’s going to be in for hell. I ain’t Diego Sanchez. [Hathaway’s] last fight was a good and easy fight. This time, he’s in for the fight of his life.”

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