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Gunderson vs Edwards: An Upcoming Explosive Fight

Written on September 06, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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“I’m not a matchmaker, but I think this is a damn good fight. He’s got a lot of heart and doesn’t go down easy. I’ve got a lot of heart and I don’t go down easy. So the fight’s going to be a scrap.” - John Gunderson

After John “” Gunderson claimed his first victory, he’s ready to put them all behind to face the next challenge. When it comes to his succeeding match, confidence can be a good thing as he will be facing at UFC on September 25, in Austin, Texas. Exclaiming that this will be a good fight and extolling more of Edwards’ virtues, Quick Guns admitted that he doesn’t have a clear-cut advantage against his contender. However, Gunderson is intent on not making his victory his only one. But however the fight might turn out, Gunderson feels that this is the type of match that fans should not miss.

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