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Frankie Edgar Takes the Belt

Written on August 30, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Frankie Edgar was thought to be an underdog before the UFC 118 match, but proved them wrong. He was able to beat BJ Penn in the event, making his opponent speechless. Now, who has the guts to question "The Answer?"

beats for the second time at the last Saturday. With the belt on his waist, “The Answer” becomes unquestionable as he silenced all the believers that BJ Penn was the best fighter. The UFC Lightweight Champion hurled a perfect game by outworking the legend everywhere. He swung Penn in the air with his foot works and hand speed, and captured all five rounds on all the judges’ scorecards.

Though thought to be undersized. Edgar defeated Tyron Griffin in his UFC debut. He rolled out two wins before losing to Gray Maynard, who will ironically take the belt from him in the next title match. And even before the Saturday night event, The Answer is already carrying a four-straight wins.

Edgar took Penn down five minutes after the opening bell strikes, and captured the fight as it went on. However, the champ showed his resolved on the fifth round where Penn took Edgar down immediately. Penn punched Edgar with his rights, while the champion worked to get on his feet. The legend took Edgar’s back, but he was able to create a scramble and topped his opponent. With Penn’s last hope all succumb, Edgar settled the issue himself that his belt is not a judges’ fluke.

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