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Gray Maynard’s Future Isn’t Planned Yet

Written on August 26, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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"If you have time to prepare, I'll take anyone. I'll fight anyone, and I believe I'll win." -Gray Maynard

Gray (9-0 , 7-0 ) speaks of his 118 event with confidence. While the victory for this Saturday’s 118 will mean a much awaited big shot for the lightweight title he wasn’t at all focused on the belt. Instead he was thinking of his opponent Kenny Florian (14-4 MMA, 11-3 ).

And as he admits his “one fight at a time” sigma to his career, the wrestler says that Frankie Edgar would not changed the way he believes.

“It’s all timing,” Maynard told ( “[Edgar] had the timing. I can’t blame people. There’s a lot of work that goes into all this – media and things – that they want to be prepared for. I don’t look too deep at this stuff. … I got Florian. That’s all I care about.”

Maynard vs Florian is on the pay-per-view on , which will take place on Saturday at Boston’s TD Garden.

Observers of MMA and UFC saw a shot on Maynard’s victory over Diaz to BJ Penn. But the chance ended up in the hands of Edgar, the man he defeated by 2008.

“I got done in January, so I would have had to jump right back into camp like the next week,” Maynard said. “I think they already knew that it was him, which I can understand. I had a scope (minor surgical procedure) done on my knee.”

But the immediate response of UFC to a rematch was quick.

“That was a close fight, and [Penn] is a big draw,” Maynard said. “If it makes dollars, it makes sense, right?”

“He’s good all around,” Maynard said. “But I don’t really think there’s any problems for me. That’s just kind of how I take it. I think there’s a lot of problems for him, though.

“If you have time to prepare, I’ll take anyone. I’ll fight anyone, and I believe I’ll win.”

Maynard plans to use his wrestling ability with an aggressive style to post victory.

“I don’t think anybody can keep me from taking them down,” Maynard said. “It might be a little tough, but I like a challenge.

“I see Florian, and when it’s going good, he’s moving around, dancing. He got cracked pretty hard, and he changed his plan up pretty quick. I’m prepared for three rounds – a tough one. I hope he is, too.”

“Of course you would love the chance at a belt, but Florian is a good fight for me, too,” Maynard said. “I’ve got Florian now.”

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