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Frankie Edgar: Confident on his Victory over Penn

Written on August 24, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Edgar is fighting to prove something not only to himself but as well as to his opponent.

lightweight champ Frankie Edgar (12-1 , 7-1 ) believes that there is only one B.J. Penn (15-6-1 MMA, 11-6-1 ) that will get him on his toes. Getting the belt from “The Prodigy” at 112 is boosting his confidence but a big mistake if sat upon too long.

“I try not to even think about the title,” Edgar said. “This is a totally new fight for me whether it’s a title defense or a new fight, old fight – it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same to me.”

Edgar, 28, turned the year into his own hands by dethroning Penn for being the Lighweight Champion for 2 years. He did the unexpected and scored 2 take downs. Though critics saw the flaw, the major factor is still the judges awarding him with 50-45, 49-46 and 48-47 on score cards. He returned home with a “Hero’s Welcome”.

“I still hold B.J. in high regard,” he said. “I mean, he’s a legend in this sport and he is still the greatest lightweight of all time. So that’s just great for me to fight him because … for the last fight it made me force myself to bring the best out of me, and now I have to do that again.”

“I am sharp as iron, and I think B.J. is really bringing the best out of me.”
For Saturday’s fight, Edgar noted that he and his team are trying to anticipate how Penn is going to change his strategies from the first fight and how they’ll respond. He would love to repeat his success.

“B.J.’s a very smart fighter and he’s got a good team around him, and I know he’s going to come in with a great plan to counter my last fight,” Edgar said.

He’s focus on the judges as well.

“I really can only focus on myself and what I can do in there,” he said. “I really can’t worry about what the judges are going to do. I just have to go in and try to (stick to) my gameplan and try to sway the judges my way. But I really can’t focus on what their objectives are.”

“I think my last three or four fights I’ve been the underdog,” Edgar said. “So it’s a role I’m becoming comfortable with, so I seem to perform pretty good in this position.”
Edgar has established a special confidence in his fight this Saturday.

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