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B.J. Penn Speaks about Toney-Couture Fight

Written on August 23, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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People think there was a flaw on UFC 118's main card, Penn saw it as a good sign rather than a confusion.

It seems that 118 event coordinators are making a mistake when they included James vs Randy fight on the card. No offense to but the spotlight should be aiming for B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar since they are the fight. A battle to determine who the Lightweight champ is but the wild card turned upside down.

But unlike us, who saw the trouble in making the “Legends” back to back with the rematch, Penn is completely not bothered. In fact, he wanted to see the fight for the two titans in .

“I really would like to see James Toney do good out there,” Penn said. “You know what? If Randy goes in there and runs over James Toney in five seconds, I don’t think that does anything. I look for ways to try to build the sport, ways to put more fans in the seats and more money in our pockets. I want to see James Toney go in there and do good.”

Using ’s case as an example, Penn told the fans that sometimes the fighters’ pre fight trash talks are to hype up the fight. And Toney’s comments against Couture is no exemption.

“I remember talking to him a while back and he said, ‘BJ, I want to get involved with this stuff,'” Penn recalled. “And I never… I thought he was just running his mouth at first. I thought we were just, you know, having a conversation. And here he is, here he is. He’s stepping in and fighting a five-time UFC champ on his first fight. The guy’s got some b—-, man. And I give it to him. And I just, I wish the best for him.”

And when asked about Toney’s chances he gave realistic answers.

“You know, with Randy it’s going to be tough because he’s got the Greco. He wrestled in college, so he’s got the shot,” he said. “And if they exchange, they’re going to get caught in a some kind of clinch. And I think it’s going to be tough for him. I just want to see him go out and do good, you know?”

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