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King Mo: I’m the “Underdog” Against Cavalcante

Written on August 11, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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King Mo went down the pedestal and admitted he is the underdog.

will get inside cage on August 21. He is going to be on promotion for the light-heavyweight champion, strongly suggesting a title defense. But those who think that and Rafael “Feijao” were at same level, he immediately disagreed.

“If anyone should be a favorite, it should be Feijao,'” he said on a Monday conference call. “He has a name, he’s been fighting longer than me. I remember watching him on Showtime, in Elite XC and in the IFL. He should be the favorite. Due to marketing, people see me as the favorite. He’s the favorite, I’m the underdog even though I’m the champ.”

Lawal who had improved 7-0 upon gaining the title with his April win over has been considered by so many as one of the sports top talents since 2008. But despite all the glory, humility of this man still finds him red handed. A former All-American and international wrestling star, he has became known for his knowledge on combat styles that he often shows in fights.

Meanwhile, Cavalcante who score 9-2 is up with 4 more fights than Lawal, though he’s on the scene since 2006.

Before the Mousasi fight, he hinted about “Cuban-Boxing” style, though the 5 rounds of their fight evolved around grappling techniques. For this fight he is now saying that he’ll use a Bernard Hopkin style.

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll go to a Paul Williams style,” he said. When asked how exactly he would emulate Williams’ style, which heavily relies on his length advantage, Lawal hinted it had more to do with a southpaw stance and “punches in bunches.”

Cavalcante noted that he wanted his ground skills for play. For the knowledge of those who do not know, he is a black belter for .

“It’s all mental warfare,” he said. “‘Fejaio knows he likes the KO. He wants the knockout, he doesn’t want the submission. I trained with Nogueira in the past. He’s been training with [Andre] Galvao and ‘Jacare’ [Ronaldo Souza]. My training consists of [Fabricio] Werdum, Amal Easton and Dean Lister. That’s somewhat comparable. I’m not worried about the ground at all, I’ve got good sub defense.”

King Mo will find his way to win.

“Hypothetically, if you ask me if I can beat anybody, I think I can beat anybody,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who it is, except my momma. I’ll beat them with a good gameplan.”

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