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Ed Soares Talks About the Sonnen-Silva Rematch

Written on August 10, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Though a Sonnen-Silva rematch seems to be possible, manager Ed Soares doesn't look happy about it. For him, Chael Sonnen already got his opportunity. But anyway, if that's what UFC wants, so be it.

Ed , ’s manager, doesn’t look like excited for a - . According to the manager though, fought his fight and there’s no reason not to give him another shot at the champion. For Soares, whatever the UFC wants is their command.

“The way I look at it is, Chael fought his fight. And Chael had Anderson on his back for twenty-two minutes of that fight. …The way I feel is that Chael had Anderson in the position he wanted him, and if he wasn’t able to finish Anderson in twenty-two minutes in the position you said you wanted him in, then, hey man, you had your shot. No offense, not saying you can’t get another shot, but you know what I mean?”

Soares hadn’t spoken to White yet about who might be Silva’s next opponent, but still it doesn’t matter what the manager and the fighter wants. It’s the company’s call. In a discussion with Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour,” Ed Soares talked about the fright’s lopsided end. He thought Silva was holding on to Sonnen’s arms when the referee stepped in. It’s a matter of confusion whether the match was really over. This also played a role with his minor strike against the men in the other corner. Upset with Sonnen’s denial that he tapped, Soares saw how the opponent’s boxing trainer put a thumbs down toward his man. He lost his cool and emotions got the best of him, letting some words to be said.

“I was pissed. But like I said many times before, these guys are not just my clients. These guys are my friends and my family. I love these guys. I love every one of my guys. When you see your guy go through what [Silva] went through, when I walked in and saw that, it just struck a nerve. If I offended anybody, I seriously apologize.”

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