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Bobby Lashley Aiming for Heavyweight Title

Written on August 10, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Does Lashley have enough confidence to boost him to the top?

Bobby is taking a step ahead. After making himself known on mixed martial arts, is seeing himself on early on 2011.

The fighter with a 5-0 battle will face Chad on August 21 in : Houston. He has spent the months of training in San Jose, California at American Kickboxing Academy. He said he’s bolstered from his sessions with fellow contender and Strikeforce standout Daniel Cornier.

“Before, I didn’t know where my level was, but I’ve been training with different people, I’ve got different people coming in and different camps that I’m going to. Of late I trained with Cain, regarded as one of the best heavyweights right now, and Cormier and some other heavyweights. My level is really high. I’m really confident of where it is. After this fight, if it goes where I hope it goes, I’m going straight to the top. I know where my abilities are.”

But Lashley needs to be in atleast three wins before he gets the title since the heavyweight title is pretty heavy on the competition. Champions from the organizations were Alistair Overeem, Russian La legend Fedor Emelianeko and Brazilians Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Fabricio Werdum, it also includes Shane Del Rosario, Lavar Johnson and many others.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker is matching a fight for Lashley against WWE Superstar Dave . That is, if they are already final with the deal for his debut.

While that would put Lashley’s career on odds, Coker still thinks twice.

“The thing with Batista, like I told Ariel, is that we don’t have an agreement with him,” he said. “It would be a fun fight to do. Bobby’s made the crossover, he’s at a serious MMA gym and he’s taking his career seriously. Right now he’s moving up, if he can climb to the top 10 or 15, if he can win a couple more he’ll be right there.”

“If you keep winning, you’ll get your title shot,” Coker added at another point. “If Bobby keeps winning, he’ll get it. This will be a good test in two weeks.”
Lashley was full of confidence that the test would be passed. He shared insights on his future.

“I’ll keep training and I’d like to get that title shot sometime next year,” he said. “I just want to keep moving up, getting bigger and better opponents. If it’s a big opponent they want me to face, that’s what it is. If it’s a title shot, that’s what it is. I’ll leave it to Scott Coker. Whatever it is, I’ll be ready.”

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