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UFC 117 : Fitch Wins Over Alves

Written on August 09, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Fitch dominated the fight against Alves.

took the Saturday with a bang. And John made himself known, just like any other day in UFC. He took down Thiago over and over again. Grinding him and winning the match with unanimous victory. is winning by unanimous decisions in his last five fights and has made himself 2nd in behind only the champion Georges St. Pierre.

John Fitch has taken Alves on the first sole minute of the round and as it appeared, he has total control on the latter. Grinding is easier for Filch but Alves was indeed great when he got on top of Fitch and then standing back up with a minute and a half. But Alves didn’t stand up often and Fitch just finished the round by knocking down Alves for the second time.

The second round is much more like the first. Gaining control of Alves and the latter not doing much response. Alves managed to end the round on his feet and gave Fitch a couple of punches. But more or less its still a Fitch round.

Alves was up and about on the third, doing better with landing punches and a nice kick. Sprawling to stop the opponent’s attempt for a take down. On midway of the third round, both were on the ground and Fitch was on top gaining control, well once again. He took over the rest of the minutes as always.

Fitch improved with his 23-3 fight. Not exactly the best and much awaited fighter but for the welterweight division, he is second best.

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