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UFC 117: Clay Guida Victorious Over Rafael dos Anjos

Written on August 09, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Clay Guida had dominated UFC 117 over Rafael dos Anjos last Saturday.

Clay earned a whooping victory Saturday night on . A few struggles on the 1st round, coming back on the second and tapping out Rafael on the 3rd. What a blast!

Still, the dos Anjos tapping is still blurry as it sounds, but as it shows, he maybe suffering from a broken jaw. Later after the fight our winner Guida felt sympathy and wished his opponent to be unhurt, after all.

The brawl on the first round was a back and forth fight, Guida landing a head kick, dos Anjos with several leg kicks and both men are in clouds of punches. The pacing started when Guida cornered dos Anjos in the fence in the middle of the first round. Guida aiming for a take down. But the action started again when both were on their feet throwing punches towards each other. Dos Anjos landed with an uppercut and secured the take down late on the round. This was the reason why the judges gave him the cards.

Second round – Guida has finally got what he wanted. A take down and being on top for the last couple of minutes on the round. But he hasn’t done anything much on top, when dos Anjos controlled Guida from his guard. A minute from the 3rd round Guida secured another take down and controlled the fight on top, dos Anjos suddenly tapped. Though there is no sign of submission to Guida.

Giving us a little strange ending from a rather good fight, Guida has bounced back from his two-fight losing streak last 2009 and now 2-0 for 2010.

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