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Matt Hughes Reigns Supreme on UFC 117

Written on August 09, 2010 by Zac Efren

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Hughes shows off a killer move that made Almeida seek submission.

Matt Hughes, the UFC legend, proved last Saturday night that he still has the prime as a fighter. He finished by choking him to sleep during .

Hughes gave out a huge left hook which made Almedia stumble. This move provide him the opportunity to pounce and crank the neck of Almeida until the fighter became unconscious.

In an interview, Hughes said that he learned the move in East Illinois. “It’s an old wrestling move that I’m good at and I’m happy to beat a good Brazilian with a wrestling move.”

Almeida, with a record of 12- 4, was doing better at the start of the fight but his confidence wobble after he received Hughes’ left hook.

Hughes is considered the UFC’s all-time leader with 18 wins. He mentioned after the fight that this would be his last bout for the year and will return to the octagon in 2011.

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