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UFC 117 Main Card Preview

Written on August 06, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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This Saturday, UFC 117: "Silva vs. Sonnen" will air live on a pay-per-view from Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Brace yourself for an exhibition as Anderson Silva defends his title against the verbally harsh Chael Sonnen.

After months of delusional and ignorant rants of Chael , it’s time to see if he can actually back up his verbal assault with a physical one against . can take any middleweight down, while ’s defensive wrestling is indestructible. From Dan Henderson to , they manage to get Silva on the floor but lost, because they can’t take advance position. has been submitted from the guard many times before, simply because guard-passing has never been a part of his tool belt.

Aside from Silva’s straight offensive guard, he also posses long frame that allows him to secure the body triangle quickly and make a lockdown defensive guard. It’s an ongoing struggle to generate offense for Sonnen, since he is not a ground-and-pounder fighter. It’s also a note worth taking that Sonnen hasn’t defeated any opponent for almost three years now. Being clueless to defend a submission from Silva, he still has to drive away from “The Spider’s” dangerous moves.

The reason why Silva succeeds against takedown-minded opponents is that he let them do the obvious kill. Little did they know that he excels with those kind of fighters. Add that Silva is a natural counter puncher with distinct combination of timing and knockout power. For Sonnen, stepping inside Silva’s range and taking risk is a process that he needs to do over and over again if he wants to win.

But beating down Silva is like shutting down perhaps the best offensive fighter in MMA. Because if The Spider goes down the drain, he can still do things that 99 percent of the fighters can’t do on the best day. The best day for Sonnen would be to beat Silva in a round or two before getting tapped or starched. Simply put: Silva can put Sonnen away in 10 minutes when his head is on the game otherwise, it will be 25 minutes of humiliation.

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