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Anderson Silva: Love Him, Or Hate Him

Written on August 05, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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If you are an Anderson Silva fan, whichever side you are in now, at least this is how you will feel. Either you will love this champion fighter of a man--or hate him just for being that.

Loving fans crowded inside the Gym Wednesday afternoon just to get a glimpse of in the open workouts. But then, one might have also bumped into an old Silva fan who had lost loyalties for the middleweight champ, like Fahrudin Velic who got interviewed and featured on

Velic said he used to be a fan, but now wanted to “see Silva get beat really bad.” He said Silva disappointed him way back in a fight at UFC 97 fight.

There is just a slight difference in the case of Tom Van Tuyl, a member of the UFC Gym. Silva had the 40-year-old man in his last fight. He said, “The [Demian] Maia one pissed me off really bad, though. It’s like, I paid for the fight and I wanted to see a fight, and then he just toyed with him. I know how good he is when he wants to display it.” Despite this reaction, Van Tuyl is still hopeful that Silva can turn things around comes the champ’s main fight with .

Being present at the Wednesday workouts exposed both and other fans to a display of Silva’s talents. Looks like The Spider has been running ’s remark on repeat in his mind. White threatened to cut him if he still does not put up a real fight–the one fans and haters alike have been waiting to see–and gets really bad when he stands face-to-face with Sonnen.

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