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Butterbean to Take On Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 14

Written on August 04, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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A rumored fight between Eric "Butterbean" Esch and "World's Strongest Man" Mariusz Pudzianowski has turned into a headline bout at KSW 14 on September 18 in Poland.

The Polish dominator, Marius , was one of the headlining fighters in last May. After an agonizing defeat to America’s Tim Sylvia in the super heavyweight event, the Polish-bred fighter is slated this time to fight against ’s exec comes September.

Speculations remained strong whether this bout had been pre-planned, as Butterbean rattled off demeaning words against Pudzianowski, saying he “punches like a girl,” after the May event. In line with another upcoming fight by Pudzianowski, a face-to-face against Kimbo Slice in October, Butterbean noted that he needed to “beat a good MMA fighter before he gets another big fight like a spot on the Oct. 9 [Moosin] show.”

Many have thought there was indeed a strategic promotional tactic that came out, staging the match up between the five-time World’s champion and the former UFC fighter. Here is what the latter had said about this matter, courtesy of an interview with last month:

“I’d love to fight him. But there’s been nothing about that. I’d knock him out and I don’t think they’d let me fight Pudzianowski. I’ve watched tape on him since we’re promoting him, and standing there with him would be the least of my concerns. I’d knock him out. I don’t know why Tim couldn’t knock him out.”

Now things have begun to come into light. It looks like the Moosin group press release was indeed a promotional tool, but not for this headline fight. It was for the Poland’s KSW 14 matches altogether.

But the Butterbean-Pudzianowski will definitely be a bout to watch out for. By the way, here are the other fighters in the lineup, also to watch out for: UFC veteran Per Eklund, the undefeated greenhorn Michal Mankiewicz, Sengoku 13 participant Kazuki Tokudome and M-1 Challenger veteran Niko Puhakka, alongside previously announced competitors Artur Sowinski and Maciej Gorski.

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