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Santiago-Misaki Rematch on Sengoku 14

Written on July 27, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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It's a rematch between the middleweight champion and the "Grabaka Hitman". Who will take the crown between Santiago and Misaki this time?

will defend his middleweight championship crown in a rematch against Kazuo . The Sengoku Raiden Championship 14 will be on August 22 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, which will air live on HDNet. SRD 14 will also feature the lightweight debut of UFC and pride veteran Akihiro Gono versus Jadamba Narantungalag. In addition to this, nine other matches are also to be showcased on the event.

  • Sengoku Raiden Championship 14
  • Sunday, August 22
  • Ryogoku Kokugikan
  • Tokyo

Sengoku Middleweight Championship

Jose Santiago vs.

  • Akihiro Gono vs. Jadamba Narantangalag
  • Taisuke Okuno vs. Nick Thompson
  • Yasubey Enemoto vs. Kenta Takagi
  • Motoki Miyazawa vs Takuya Sato
  • Shintaro Ishiwatari vs. Takuya Sato
  • Takuya Eizumi vs. Kil Woo Lee
  • Tatsuya So vs. Wataru Takahashi
  • Hirokazu Nishimura vs. Jae Hyun So

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