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Will St. Pierre Retire After a Match with Silva?

Written on July 19, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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When fans think that St. Pierre has it all, he thinks otherwise. Will St. Pierre still find a reason to stay after he snatch the best pound-for-pound title to Silva?

Just when the Mixed Martial Arts industry is considering Georges St. Pierre as the , the UFC Welterweight Champion is ready to retire. But St. Pierre stated on a special primetime edition of MMAjunkie Radio that he’s not there yet. It’s not about the money or fame, it’s about doing it the St. Pierre’s way.

St. Pierre is now in Las Vegas getting ready for a coaching stint on “The Ultimate Fighter 12” versus Josh Koscheck. More than that, he also made some additional planning. According to him:

“Growing up in my career, I always fix my goals very high. And every time I achieve one of my [goals], I fix another goal to reach. It’s important as a martial artist [never to be] satisfied because otherwise there is no point to keep doing what you’re doing.”

St. Pierre has achieved to become a , a , and a . But being considered as the world’s best overall fighter is one goal that he thinks he have not yet achieve. Still, fans believe that he already cleaned out his category by beating all division’s top contenders – Koscheck, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy. Since is still considered as the holder of the unofficial pound-for-pound crown, Georges St. Pierre believes that he could snatch it away by beating the former. If he defeats , it’s a win worth of retirement.

But before he takes the risk of moving up, St. Pierre wants to secure his and his family’s future first. Money and fame though, are not the driving force of his career.

“Yeah, the money is there. It’s pleasant. The money is there. It’s good that I have this security. I have a lot of money now. It’s good. But there are a lot of things I can do outside of mixed martial arts … because of the name that I reached with MMA, that the UFC helped me to have.

“The fame is the same thing. I didn’t have it in the beginning, and now I have it. But if one day I reach my goal of becoming the best pound-for-pound (fighter) of all-time, it will be time for me to retire. But I don’t know right now, at 29 years old, if I want to retire. So it’s better I have to stick around.”

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